Westchester residents on edge amid recent crime wave

Westchester residents are increasingly concerned after two home break-ins occurred on Wednesday.

In security footage, three masked and gloved individuals, dressed in hoodies, are seen running through a yard after allegedly breaking into an unoccupied home on McConnell Avenue.

One suspect can be seen carrying a bag that appears to have been found later in a nearby bush. 

A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, discovered the bag containing bear spray and a signal jammer used to disable WiFi.

He found the evidence while walking his dog, who "went over to a backpack in the bushes and sniffed around a little bit, and I thought it was funny to see a bag there. I walk by all the time and never saw anything like that before."

Witnesses reported that the thieves were communicating via radios. The suspects allegedly fled the neighborhood and jumped into a getaway car, while leaving a van with open doors on the street.

The same neighbor mentioned a similar break-in attempt across the street last month. "They hopped the fence, snuck around back, and kicked the door in," he said.

Councilmember Traci Park addressed the surge in crime in District 11, stating, "Brazen thieves have taken over the city, making families feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods and homes. Voters have a chance this fall to make a difference and end these failed social experiments."

In January, the LAPD held a community meeting after 75 home break-ins were reported in the area within three months. Residents say the situation has only worsened since then.

Paul, a resident, expressed his concern: "I’m hearing about more and more of this happening."

Police have not arrested any suspects, and it’s unclear whether anything was taken. 

Experts suggest considering a hard-wired security system due to the accessibility of WiFi jammers.