Video shows teens robbing gas station after clerk collapses

Police in Auburn, Washington were looking for an adult male and two teenage males who they say stole money and items from a gas station after the clerk working there collapsed.

The whole incident was caught on surveillance video and posted to the Auburn, Washington Police Department's Facebook page. After an outpouring of help from the public, police said Tuesday they had identified the three people seen in the video.

According to the post, an adult male and two teen males entered the gas station around 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 8.

One of the teens grabbed two pepperoni sticks. He ate one and handed the other to the second teen. Police say it then appears the stork clerk attempted to charge the adult for the pepperoni sticks and an argument broke out.

The Facebook post then says one of the teens handed the clerk a dollar bill, and the clerk became upset and approached the teens to talk to them.

After talking to the teens, the clerk then turns to walk back to the register and immediately appears to suffer "a major medical issue" and collapses to the floor.

One of the teens is seen in the video reaching down and taking the dollar bill back from the clerk while he is on the ground.

Police say the adult male left the store and while the clerk was unconscious, the two teens stole merchandise and all the money from the cash register.

Another person entered the store a few minutes later and called 911 for the clerk.

Authorities say the clerk is alive, but in critical condition.

There is no word at this time on whether the people in the video are facing any charges.