'Terrifying' video shows mountain lion P-22 surprise man walking dog in Hollywood Hills

A homeowner in the Hollywood Hills said he had a recent terrifying close encounter with a mountain lion now confirmed to be P-22.

Security cameras captured P-22 walking back and forth across the driveway and front lawn. 

The homeowner said he had just driven into his garage when his dog spotted something and darted out into the street. 


To his horror, the man said he looked up and saw his dog just a couple feet away from P-22.

Fortunately, the man and dog were able to safely retreat and get back into the garage before closing the door. 

The big cat eventually walked away. 

Based on GPS tracking collar data, officials said as of Wednesday morning P-22 has moved back into Griffith Park.

Last month, P-22 killed a leashed pet dog walking with its owner also in the Hollywood Hills.

When living or recreating in/near mountain lion habitat, it is important to know how to protect yourself and pets. Officials released the following tips:

  • Keeping pets indoors is the best preventive measure to ensure their safety.
  • When outdoors, be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Supervise pets in an enclosed area or walk pets on standard-length leashes, especially between dusk and dawn when predators are most active.
  • If you do encounter a mountain lion while walking with a pet, keep pets close, make yourself as large as possible, make noise, and do not run.