VIDEO: Man with hatchet attacks cars in Hollywood neighborhood

New video obtained by FOX 11 shows a man with a hatchet walking through a Hollywood Hills neighborhood as he hits passing cars with the weapon.

The video was shot just weeks ago at the 2300 block of Alcyona in Hollywood Hills, and was provided to FOX 11 courtesy of the Hollywood Hills Crime Busters Facebook group.

The man can be seen and heard yelling "Get the f*** out of here, and you motherf***** are following me, fu***** white people!"

It's unclear who the man is, or why he was swinging at the cars.

It happened not far from a West Hollywood Seven Eleven where a transient with a hatchet brutally attacked a good Samaritan, sending him to the hospital with serious injuries.

Locals in the area say the transient population is starting to make them feel unsafe.

"It has gotten out of control and so bad and a lot of these homeless people have become very dangerous," said Mindi Miller. "I'm telling you we have people who are just living out here and they're defecating here, there's no time of day where you can come when it's safe anymore."

"I work in this area and I walk by this 7/11 all the time and yeah it's scary, there's a lot of transients hanging out asking for money, being aggressive," said Rita O'Farrell. "I just don't interact, thats the safest thing to do unfortunately even though you think you're being kind and helpful, you just don't know what's gonna set a person off."