Victim sucker punched by homeless man in Hollywood speaks out

A man who was "clocked" by a homeless man while eating lunch at a Hollywood restaurant earlier this week is speaking out, hoping the man who hit him will be sent to jail.

Richard Schlesinger was eating lunch when shocking security video shows a man approach him, and sucker punch him. He had just finished eating and was paying when he was knocked out of his seat onto the pavement with two cracked ribs. 

"Really? Seriously?" Schlesinger said about the sucker punch. The man took Schlesinger's wallet and immediately took off. "I don't carry money, so he took my wallet which had like no money in it," Schlesinger said. "I started yelling ‘Help me, help me,’ and he took off." 

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That's when Tim Ratcliff jumped in to help. He owns the restaurant next door to where the assault happened. Ratcliff chased the suspect down, tackled him to the ground and held him for nearly 10 minutes until police arrived.

Ratcliff said he didn't know what made him jump into action. "I didn't even think about it, I just got up and went," he said. "When it happened and I saw Richard get hit, it was instinctive of just getting up and going after the guy"

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Schlesinger and Ratcliff are now friends for life they say. Together they showed up at the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles to try and identify the man responsible for the attack. It was the first time they'd been together since that day. The suspect didn't show up, the judge saying he got "lost" in the custody system. They'll try again in court on Wednesday.

Despite the attack and the broken ribs. Schlesinger seemed to be in good spirits. 

"Listen I'm a cancer survivor," he said, "So this is minor s***."