Ventura County Measles Cases Increase; Officials Say What to Do If you Get It

Below you'll find a list of Ventura County businesses where a measles patient, only described as an adult, may have exposed hundreds of people putting them at risk for the virus. The Ventura County Public Health Department says the goal of making the list public is to alert people who may have been in the businesses at the same times as the patient. VC Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin says it's not to scare people into not going to the businesses. He said the virus dies after two hours and can no longer infect anyone. So, there's no reason not to shop and dine at one of the locations below.

What should you do if you have measles. Dr. Levin says in order not to expose others ...

1. Call your health professional. Tell them your suspicion and ask for their advice.

2. They may ask you to come in through a back door. The doctor or a nurse might choose to come see you outside.

3. You may be asked to wear a surgical-like mask. The virus spreads in the air from your nose and mouth.

Of the 14 cases in Ventura County since this started at Disneyland in December, Levin says, three are from people who actually went to the theme park. The other 11 are from people who had contact with people who had been to the park.