UCLA Rabbi has phone snatched while livestreaming during clash with protestors

New video shows chaos returning to campus Monday at UCLA.

A security guard can be seen getting hit and bleeding from his forehead. Hecklers follow and taunt a university administrator.

In addition, someone grabbed and threw Rabbi Dovid Gurevich’s cellphone while he was livestreaming on Instagram. Gurevich is the Rabbi and Director of Chabad at UCLA Jewish Student Center.

"Being confronted by people with masks is a little bit disturbing," said Gurevich.  "I’m very visibly Jewish. I was wearing my yarmulke hat, so I’m sure it had a lot to do with that. If they perceive Jewish people as the enemy, then we’re worth, I guess, singling out and attacking."


Los Angeles Police and the California Highway Patrol were called to UCLA's campus Monday evening as Pro-Palestinian protesters attempted to setup new camps. The group moved homemade barricades and carried shields.

Cellphone video shows university police grab a woman with a megaphone late Monday night.  At least 25 people were arrested.

"[The] heavy police force at UCLA is completely unnecessary," said a UCLA student Tuesday. "They’re trying to intimidate and threaten students."

UCLA’s campus was relatively quiet Tuesday for finals week. The off-and-on protests have now continued for more than a month. Private security workers remain on patrol.

"It’s toxic really," said Gurevich. "Even when there’s nothing going on visibly on campus, everyone feels very tense. Everyone feels like the atmosphere has been poisoned."

"Students are prioritizing what’s really important to them," said the UCLA student.  "If they have to go out and protests and speak out against a genocide, that’s amazing."

On Tuesday Rick Braziel, UCLA's Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Safety issued a statement on Monday's demonstrations, calling them, in part "completely unacceptable. The demonstration activity disregarded our values as a community, violated our campus policies and broke the law. These actions injured people, threatened the safety of our community and vandalized our campus. These actions also prevented students from completing their final exams."

Braziel's full statement can be found by tapping or clicking here.