Two suspects in custody after pursuit through Los Angeles

Two people are in custody after leading deputies on a chase through Los Angeles. 

The chase began before 5 p.m. in the West LA area when officers noticed the plates didn’t match the vehicle.  

The suspect's red van sped off and officers gave chase. The vehicle was seen driving on the wrong side of the road several times, nearly hitting pedestrians, vehicles and blowing through stop signs. 

The vehicle made its way to downtown LA, speeding past the Staples Center and almost hitting someone ridding a scooter.  

SkyFOX caught one of the suspects throwing items out of the car. It’s unclear what those items were. 

Eventually the two suspects in the vehicle, a man and woman, fled on foot; the woman with a duffel bag in hand.  

The suspects ran through an industrial area in Commerce. They looked inside a pickup truck for keys but when that was unsuccessful  they ran inside a warehouse.

Police quickly surrounded the building and with guns drawn five LA County deputies moved in on the suspects and took them into custody. It is not known if the suspects are armed.