Two people dead in vehicle rollover in Hyde Park

A fatal crash claimed two lives and toppled an old, recognizable market at 66th Place and Crenshaw Blvd. in Hyde Park.

LAPD officers say a car crashed into a fire hydrant -- knocking it off its base -- and took down a light pole before it went airborne and crash landed into a vacant building.

Two people were killed as a result. Both of them were passengers in a black Lincoln that police say lost control while heading north on Crenshaw.

Officers responded to the crash around 9:15 Sunday morning. They found multiple airbags deployed and what appeared to be clothing from passengers that had been thrown out of the car.

"The female was ejected from the vehicle. The male driver was partially ejected," said an LAPD spokesperson.

Right at 67th Place, the road narrows drastically because of construction going on in the middle.

There's also a dip in the lane furthest to the right, which could potentially knock your steering off course.

Investigators say they are looking into whether speed was a factor.

Police say the building was vacant and they are working to contact the owner.