Trump scarecrow fuels controversy in Santa Clarita

A presidential Halloween scarecrow is scaring up a major controversy in Santa Clarita.

According to community pages posted on Facebook, students at Santa Clarita Elementary made the display at the school fair as part of a contest.

The teacher of room 22 reportedly decided President Trump would be their scarecrow. According to the post, unlike the other smiling scarecrows, Trump's face was not smiling and his face seems degraded.

Some parents were upset and calling for the teacher's resignation. Others who "hate Trump" were supporting the display while reportedly saying it's okay to disrespect the president.

A school official posted a statement in response on Facebook:

"PTC President of this school, I apologize if this is offensive. To clarify, our school was provided with scarecrows for each class. Each class had their students vote for how they wanted to decorate their scarecrows. I do not believe it is the student's intention to be political. For example we had a wide range of different things from Minions to Trump. I think it would have been different if there was a pic of ALL the scarecrows so everyone could see the creativity rather than singling out one scarecrow that btw, the student's are so proud of."

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