'Trump house' in Brentwood targeted by angry neighbors; police monitor scene

Police officers on Friday morning were at a home in Brentwood that was targeted by people angry over a disturbing political display against presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

KTVU cameras spotted the patrol cars at the home on Craig Court as early as 6 a.m. The home was egged and an SUV parked in the driveway had its windows smashed. 
This vandalism comes after the homeowner had a mannequin hanging from a rope wearing a sign attacking Biden, calling him a "cheater." It looked like a man was being lynched from the man's home, upsetting many who passed the effigy.

No charges against Brentwood resident who hung 'Sleepy Joe (Cheater)' mannequin from home

Pictures of the home spread on social media. In real life, angry community members appeared. The District Attorney found there were no criminal charges to file as it was the homeowner's First Amendment right to do so. 

"I'm kind of use to this neighbor's antics but it was just really shocking that he would go this far and this tasteless with the current climate," said Nicole Afolavi. 

A woman named Madison said the scene was "disgusting" and the homeowner "unstable." 

Brentwood police said officers visited the house on Thursday and spoke with the homeowner who agreed to remove the display.

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