'Top official' from Gascón's 'Ethics and Integrity' unit faces 11 felony charges: FOX News

Diana Teran, who is considered one of the top officials in Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón's office, is facing 11 felony charges stemming from allegations of having improper access to data on local deputies.

The California Attorney General's office first filed the felony charges against Teran back on April 30, 2024. On Tuesday, June 25, FOX News' Bill Melugin obtained the affidavit of the case against Teran.

Teran, who worked in Gascón's Ethics and Integrity Unit, was initially accused of misusing "Brady" material, which is a list of law-enforcement officers accused of misconduct. In Melugin's June 25 report, the affidavit reveals she tried to add deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to the so-called Brady list.

Below is a copy of the affidavit obtained by Melugin and FOX News:

According to Melugin's report the LASD had an audit software that had staff database that was considered sensitive material. Teran allegedly made more than 14,000 inquiries into the audit software – which warned users that any unauthorized use is punishable by felony, Melugin reports.