Ticket problems plague Taylor Swift 'Eras' tour

As Taylor Swift gears up for night two of the ‘Eras’ tour at SoFi Stadium tonight, some fans are left heartbroken after Ticketmaster's Verified Fan Program failed to offer up last-minute seats to its members as promised.

"It really feels like ‘The Hunger Games,'" said one fan, Cheyanne Rae.

Ticketmaster's Verified Fan Program is intended to offer last-minute, obstructed-view seats at SoFi Stadium 72 hours or less before show time, according to reports. Fans tell FOX 11 that the program was created so that real people might get a chance at tickets before the resellers do. Resellers are armed with powerful computer programs and bots that often buy large numbers of tickets with the intent to resell at much higher price points, fans said.

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"It actually took me right into the tickets and I could see all the tickets available and the prices," said Rae. "And I'm like ‘Oh My Gosh, I'm going to get tickets!'"

But when Rae used her Ticketmaster code to purchase an available seat through the program, Rae said she was kicked out of the site.

"I went through the checkout process and it sent an error code 007," said Rae.

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One woman told FOX 11 that she already bought tickets (when she had not). Another said she made it all the way to payment before being kicked out of the site.

These fans then noticed these same tickets become available at ticket resale sites, but this time for hundreds of dollars more.

FOX 11 reached out to Ticketmaster for comment regarding their Verified Fan Program but has not heard back.