Fans fill stands with 'Thin Blue Line' flags after Saugus football team can't take the field with it

Some see the thin blue line flag as a symbol of solidarity with law enforcement, while others see it as a symbol of white supremacy.

Friday marked the first game Saugus High School will take the field without the "Thin Blue Line" flag. The parting of the tradition comes days after the school notified the team that the flag will no longer be allowed on campus because it is "divisive."

During Saugus' game against Hart, fans filled the stands with the Thin Blue Line flag to show solidarity for law enforcement.

It is worth noting that Saugus was the scene of a school shooting on November 14, 2019. A student killed two classmates and shot three others. Law enforcement rushed onto campus to stop the suspect from shooting more students.

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"One of the first responders was a parent who dropped off a kid (at the time) and he literally saved some lives. The fact that the school is not honoring that is mind-blowing and disgusting," Brandy Roggentien, who has a daughter at Saugus High School, told FOX 11 earlier in the week.

On the other hand, some argue the Thin Blue Line flag is disrespectful to the country. Earlier in the week, D’Ante Von Wright explained what was offensive about the flag.

"The American flag has colors for a reason. Red, white and blue, so when you add a blue line to one of the white stripes, it obviously changes the meaning of that flag," he said. "It’s no longer the Stars and Stripes, it’s whatever they want it to be so it’s a false flag. Flying it during a school event or any event is disrespectful to the country and the servicemen and women that came before."