The Museum of Failure opens in Hollywood

Ahhh, a trip to the museum. Paintings, sculptures and failures?! Sure, why not: anything is possible in Hollywood!

Next time you visit the Walk of Fame, take a quick walk to the Hollywood & Highland Center where the Museum of Failure is located! The museum, which recently opened, displays many iconic fails throughout marketing history! For example: remember clear Pepsi or The Shared Girlfriend?

Don't worry, neither do we -- hence the point of the museum.

How about Purple ketchup in an "EZ Squirt" bottle? Yummy! Not exactly. You get the point. I visited the museum on Wednesday evening, and Darren Gold, head of publicity, showed me some of the highlights that the Hollywood & Highland got spot had to offer!

There's even a Failure room, where guests can write their own failures on Post-It notes, and stick them on the wall. Sharing is caring, after all. Plus, pretty cool/funny to read other people's failures. I even joined in on the fun, and wrote down a failure of my own.

This is a limited engagement, so don't FAIL to get your tickets! You can purchase your tickets online at, and they offer senior/children discounts too.

In the meantime, Blockbuster still holds a very special place in my heart.

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