The Best of FOX 11 News In Depth 2018: Some of our favorite stories

For the second year we are highlighting what we think are some of our best stories of 2018. These are the top five as they appeared on this week's show.

SEGMENT ONE: Happy Face Hill #5/The 9-Year Old CEO #4

When driving west on the 118 freeway into Simi Valley there is one face you can't miss. It's a happy one too! It's the community's Happy Face Hill. The story behind the face on the hill is amazing. The man who created it decades ago explains why. His story is a story all by itself. Meet Mayor Bob Huber, Sonny Klamerus (the man who carved the face into the hill) and locals in the Ventura County city who have gotten to know the face on the hill.

Kinyah Bean is is an amazing girl. Like any kid she worries about things going on in the world and like any kid she's learned to make an extra buck selling lemonade. She created her own drink, figured out how to market it and started selling at various farmers markets. On top of all of that, she wrote a book. Kinyah, who calls herself a "kidpreneur" joins us to reflect on her loves, dislikes and shows us what it means to be "sparked out"!

SEGMENT TWO: David Kopay - The NFL and Being Gay #3

David Kopay is 76-years-old now, but talks about his days in the NFL as if they were yesterday. Back in the 60's he was a running back with six NFL teams over 9 years. But, he had a deep dark secret that made his professional life tough. He was gay and felt the pressures of keeping that in the closet. Kopay looks back at his mom, his career and his life as a professional athlete who "came out" and glad he did when he did!

SEGMENT THREE: Boris Yaro and The RFK Photo #2

Boris Yaro was a photographer for the LA Times. He's now 80 and has suffered a stroke making him hard to understand sometimes, but its clear that Boris wishes the photo that made newspapers around the world when Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated had never been taken. He wishes Kennedy hadn't died and reflects what it was like in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel when Sirhan Sirhan pulled the trigger killing the man Yaro wishes would have become President.

SEGMENT FOUR: Estherleon Schwartz and the Holocaust #1

To this day Estherleon Schwartz is terrorized by the thought of Hitler's systematic genocide of two-thirds of the Jewish population across Europe during World War Two. She says, "The fear inside and being scared never leaves you." But, Schwartz has her own ideas of how to curb hate and explains in this piece in which she reflects on her life as a kid running from the Nazis.

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