VIDEO: Teacher goes on racist rant targeting street vendor in Santa Clarita

A recent incident in Santa Clarita has sparked outrage as a man, who was later identified as a French teacher at Moorpark High School, unleashed a racist rant against a street vendor selling fruit.

The disturbing interaction took place between the driver of a white sedan and Sergio Silva, a fruit vendor, at his regular location at the corner of Sierra Highway and Newhall Avenue.

The man's anger was initially triggered by traffic around the gas pumps, which led him to yell at others to move their cars using numerous expletives. He then turned his attention to Silva, directing his anger and racist remarks toward the vendor. Silva insists he did nothing to provoke the man and was just standing there when the incident occurred.

Other people came to Silva's defense, which seemed to anger the man further. In response to being called out for his racist behavior and harassment, the man continued to make derogatory comments, targeting the accents of those defending Silva.

Maria Rivas, Silva's wife, expressed her concerns, wondering what if the man were her children's teacher in the future. 

Since the video went viral, Moorpark Unified School District has taken the matter very seriously. The district released a statement saying, "Hate speech does not align with our core beliefs and values." 

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and has not been allowed to return to campus.

Despite the incident, Silva holds no grudge, saying, "Sinceramente, no tengo rancor," which translates to, "Honestly, I have no resentment."