Talking to your kids about Las Vegas shooting and violence in the news

When tragic events like the Las Vegas shooting occur, it can be hard to know what to say to your children.

Licensed psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Mann offered tips on how to talk to your kids about what's happening -- and their concerns.

1) Tell your children how you keep them safe. Discuss the precautions you take to protect them and use this as a time to come up with a family safety plan.

2) Let your children hear the information from you first. You should always be the best source of information for your kids.

It's always better to hear honestly from you than incorrect information from kids at school.

Also, don't discuss every tragic detail.

3) Emphasize the helpers and brave people who came forward. Point out all the people who rescue, help and save lives.

4) Normalize their feelings as kids worry about their safety too. Reassure them and have them explain what they are feeling. It's a good time to remind your children to share their feelings with you.

5) Keep an eye out for symptoms of anxiety. Children don't often know how to process their feelings and tend to express anxiety through sleeping habits.

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