Swarm of killer bees attack dogs in Agua Dulce

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Dennise Monares Catto hugs 13-year-old Zeta. The German Shepard is the lone survivor of a deadly bee attack on her family's three dogs in Agua Dulce.

"I can't even imagine what this dog went through, I can't even imagine what my other dogs went through." said Catto.

Catto's son Brian Ramos was at their Agua Dolce home Tuesday afternoon when the attack unfolded.

"I went outside you just see large swarms of bees... You see it's chaotic... The dogs are down." Ramos said.

All three dogs were rushed to the local vet. Dr. Mark Williams was on duty at the Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic.

"They were just having a severe allergic reaction and it was causing some systemic stress so their bodies were having a really hard time coping with that stress despite some very aggressive therapies." said dr. Mark Williams.

Sadly, their other two pets, a 9-month-old Great Dane named Khalessi and Sid, a 5-year-old Great Puranese both died.

"I'm still devastated... I'm sorry and words can't describe the dog... My sweet dog came to me every night. " said a tearful Catto.

Meanwhile, the family called in bee experts and were shocked to discover they had three large hives of Africanized honey bees in their trees.

Meanwhile, with mounting medical bills Catto is sharing her heartbreaking story to warn others about the dangers of Africanized honey bees.

"They are deadly, they do sting, they do carry venom and they do kill." said Catto.

Doctors tell us the fact that the dog survived is a miracle. She is still in critical condition but if she continues to progress she may be able to go home in a few days.

The family is struggling to cover these unexpected vet bills and have set up a gofundme page.

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