Study reveals California's most dangerous highways

A recent study revealed the deadliest highways in each state. 

The study used three years of  data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The latest numbers show traffic fatalities decreased nationwide by 1.8 percent from 37,806 fatalities in 2016 to 37,133 in 2017. In California, traffic fatalities saw a larger dip in fatalities  with a 6.1 percent decrease. Data reveals there were 3,867 fatalities in 2016 and 3,602 in 2017. 

The state's deadliest highways, with the summer months being the most dangerous, are the 5 Freeway, the 101 Freeway, and the 99 Freeway. The 5 Freeway tallied 192 deaths in the fiscal year, 139 reported fatalities in the 101 Freeway, and 110 deaths on the 99 Freeway. 

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