Stretch your dollar with these money-making side gigs

Looking to make some extra cash?

If you're looking to pick up some side gigs, here are some suggestions on how you can make some extra cash on the side.

If you like to drive 

Did you know you can get paid to drive around? We're not talking about Uber or Lyft (which are also popular options for side gigs), but have you heard of Wrapify? You can make extra money by advertising on your car. Wrapify specializes in connecting businesses looking to advertise with people looking to be paid to do it. The more you drive, the more you earn. You can learn more here. 

If you like to do reviews 

If you're always on your phone, so why not get paid to do it? Websites like MyPoints or Survey Junkie will pay you to do surveys and give you your opinon. You have to rack up many surveys before cashing in, but why not get paid for your screentime?

If you like teaching 

A lot of people have become familiar with Zoom due to the pandemic, so why not start online tutoring? Tutoring companies like Studypool hire people to share their knowledge with students on a wide range of topics. You'll have to apply and list your academic background. Many offer flexible scheduling.

If you have baby gear you're not using

Sites like Babyquip specialize in renting out things like cribs and strollers. They say you can make around $600 a month renting out your gear you would have otherwise thrown away, donated or sold for less.