Sorry kids! Virgin's first cruise ship 'Scarlet Lady' will be adults only

Virgin Voyages, a new cruise line, is planning to set sail in 2020 with its first cruise ship, and no one under 18 will be allowed on board.

Designed by artist Toby Tinsley, the 'Scarlet Lady's' likeness appears on Virgin Atlantic and Australia aircrafts as well as the Virgin Galactic spaceline.

The cruise ship is "adult-by-design" and features a tattoo parlor and luxury spa.

"That's why we've taken great care to design a place where you, your friends or your significant other can have the best possible experience, sans the unpredictability of kids. Because of that you must be at least 18 to sail with us. No kidding. See what we did there?"

The ship features:

The cruise is set for the Caribbean in 2020, originating out of Miami. Future itineraries include trips to Cuba, the company says.

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