Sex Ring Investigation

(FOX 11) - Amber Rose, 31-year-old model, ex-wife of rapper Wiz Khalifa, and perhaps one of South Philly's most famous alums, has apparently been taken advantage of without her knowledge, and she's not happy.

According to our friends at TMZ (, an old video of her , as far back as the ''Ustream'' days, where she was talking to her fans, was used to lure women into answering ads seeking ''hot young babes'' for modeling gigs.

They were told that Rose would be talking with them via FaceTime, that she'd even have a role in selecting the models for the jobs, the video purportedly a ''live '' Facetime connection that would mysteriously drop out.

That was, says TMZ, just a way to lure people into answering their ads. From there, they were apparently told that they'd be matched up with ''rich guys'' and if they were agreeable at being ''intimate '' with them, wow that would really help their careers, and as TMZ's Mike Walters told me, they'd ''get bigger and better projects and get to work with Amber Rose .''

The media of course picked up on this alleged ''prostitution scam'' and it's been re-reported widely. Rose's publicist hasn't returned calls, though she was on social media earlier saying '' Dat aint me.'' The LAPD says at this point, all they know is a woman (not identified) came into the Van Nuys division over the weekend to say she felt ''uncomfortable'' with an interview she did after responding to one of the ads, because they were talking about sexual activities, and that the LAPD's Vice Squad detectives will be '' looking into it."

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