Scammer uses sleight of hand to dupe people during cash transactions: Police

Police in Irvine are searching for a man they said has been scamming businesses out of money by using sleight of hand to pocket money during cash transactions.

According to police, Retan Munteanu is a 24-year-old out of Romania, who's "traveled the globe scamming businesses" out of money. "He skillfully distracts and confuses cashiers while covertly removing bills from cash being counted," the department wrote on an Instagram post warning of Munteanu's alleged scams.

In the post, police shared video of a recent interaction Munteanu had at Kay Jewlers store in Irvine. In the video, police show Munteanu walking into the store with a large wad of cash, counting it out for the cashier, then cupping some in his hand. He then pockets some of the cash when the cashier isn't looking. The result — paying just $1,000 for a $2,900 chain.

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Officers warned the public to be on the look out for Munteanu when conducting cash transactions, and anyone with information about him was asked to contact Detective Matt Ricci at