Rose Parade security high in Pasadena

Tens of thousands of people will be heading to Pasadena for the 129th Rose Parade on Monday.

But with tighter security this year there are some things you need to know if you're going to watch the parade.

As a saxophonist on Colorado Blvd bangs out Auld Lang Syne and kids are ready to scream "Happy New Year" Pasadena Police, fire and other agencies are focused in a different way.

At their command center outside City Hall their strategizing on how to keep things safe this weekend. They're used to big events, but the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl are beyond huge. So, there are rules says Fire Department Spokesperson Lisa Derderian.

She says, for starters, you can't start taking up residence on the sidewalks to find a parade watching spot until noon on Sunday the 31st.

Try to set up chairs, tables and tents as so many have done over the years before noon Sunday and, she says, "We will confiscate it if its too early."

She says RVs will be checked inside and out for safety
There's an honor line, a blue line, that parade watchers will be able to move out to on the street, but not until 11pm Sunday night.

And, something new, Colorado Boulevard will be closed to traffic much earlier than in years past. It'll close at 10pm Sunday night. That's for safety sake. It also might curb some of that throwing of marshmallows, tortillas and silly string… but, authorities say don't do that anyway. Says Derderian, "if you're caught you will be fined."

She adds, "We will be ticketing, towing…whatever we need to do… citing people."

And, she says, law enforcement will be highly visible up and down the parade route, but there are "no credible threats".

Along the parade route restaurants, stores and shopping centers are being gated off for protection of the businesses and their landscaping. One worker told us they were using about 98,000 feet of chain link fence up and down the parade route.

Bottom line, Police say follow the rules and it will be a fun weekend!

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