'What brings you happiness in Los Angeles'? Reddit users weigh in

The question of happiness is one often debated. 

It can come in many shapes and forms. Is it a person? An activity? An event? A memory? 

Such a question was posed recently to the Reddit community, specifically targeting those in Los Angeles.

So the question remains, "What brings you happiness in Los Angeles?"

So far, the question has garnered over 600 comments and has been upvoted more than 93% since it was posted nearly 24 hours ago. 

The top answer so far? "Old movies on the big screen ALL THE TIME."

For some, it's the landmarks… among other things. 

Some attractions mentioned include the Greek Theatre, Hollywood Bowl, and the Sunset Strip.

For some, it's the food. You can truly find it all - from Mexican and Ethiopian to Thai and Peruvian - it's in LA. 

For sun soakers, it's the beaches and the weather. 

For many, it's the people.

Even the Los Angeles Fire Department chimes in. "No brush fires!" the agency responded. 

For others, there just isn't enough time to do it all. 

What brings you happiness in Los Angeles?