Lil Durk offers hotel room, cash to homeless man who played rapper's music on projector in Hollywood

Rapper Lil Durk is stepping up to help a homeless man in Hollywood who previously went viral for his fancy setup that included a big screen projector.

The kind gesture from the Chicago rapper comes after noticing that the Los Angeles homeless man, Pedro Ramirez, had his music playing on the projector.

On Thursday, TMZ shared a video of Lil Durk surprising Ramirez. The rapper offered the man keys to a 30-day hotel stay, a cell phone and cash.

Lil Durk later confirmed the reports of his kind gesture, reposting an Instagram video shared by The Shade Room Teens and adding a caption, "Good to help and feel good."

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FOX 11 shared Ramirez's story back in May 2023. He told FOX 11's Susan Hirasuna that he had been living in the streets for about two years at the time of the interview.

Ramirez told FOX 11 in the May interview that he uses a generator to power the projector and the WiFi allowing the streams came from a hot spot. He told Hirasuna in the May interview that he charges his electronic devices, including the generator, at a Metro station in Hollywood.