Puntastic: FOX 11's Amanda Salas stuns in virtual Punderdome

FOX 11's Amanda Salas was a complete standout with her wit at the global Punderdome earlier this week. 

The Punderdome is based in New York City.  However, as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people from all across the world can now compete online.

Salas was a pun woman show at 2/4’s show where the category was the United States and the category was all things punny!

Fred Firestone is the man behind the Punderdome and the best-selling card game for word PLAYers to punticipate anywhere with anyone at any time. 

Salas, also known as "Punderwoman," won the Pun Battle Royale Thursday night and will go on to compete again in the Tournament of Pun champions next month. 

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