Protests continue, immigration attorneys gather at LAX over travel ban

Protests continued Monday night at LAX against President Trump's travel ban of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Meanwhile, immigration attorney Stacy Tolchin filed three lawsuits on behalf of immigrants who were detained at the airport after disembarking their flight.

"We saw people that were being held for 8 hours, 12 hours," Tolchin explained.

Tolchin said her clients have no criminal history and all were approved to come into the United States. She said many detainees were initially denied legal counsel -- and at least two people claimed they were forced to sign a form withdrawing residency.

"We believe they're not being allowed to get on the planes at all," Tolchin said. "Also concerned agents are going onto to planes to withdraw the forms. Still trying to get more information on that."

On Monday, airport protesters continued to share their personal stories and speak out.

During our interview with Tolchin on Monday evening, another startling immigration development emerged.

"Applications for green cards and for citizenship are going to be on hold for people from the seven countries. This is unheard of. People are incredibly upset and there really is no legal basis for it," said Tolchin.

With at least a dozen state attorney generals vowing to fight Trump's travel ban, it's a legal battle Tolchin and others say is just beginning.

Roughly 80 to 100 attorneys have been working at LAX to help detainees out, according to Tolchin. She said people are being processed, but those from the seven countries should be prepared to wait.

Tolchin said she and other attorneys will continue to be present at LAX making sure all of the orders are being complied with.

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