Armenian-American protesters gather outside SpaceX headquarters, demanding cancellation of Turkish satellite

Protesters gathered outside SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne Thursday night demanding the cancellation of TurkSat5A…a Turkish satellite that is scheduled to launch next month. 

Hundreds of pro-Armenian protesters are demanding SpaceX to not conduct business with regimes like Turkey’s Erdogan. They are also calling on the US government to sanction Turkey for backing Azerbaijan in its war with Armenia. 

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“We have a Turkish war general on record as extorting the virtues of this TurkSat5A and its benefits to the defenses industry of Turkey, which we now know is not being used defensively but is being used offensively against peace loving people, our Christian brothers and sisters in Artsakh right now. This is wrong,” said Donald Wilson Bush. 
SpaceX CEO & founder Elon Musk traveled to turkey to meet with President Erdogan regarding this satellite in 2017. 

This is a geostationary communications satellite built by Airbus that will serve a large area of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This deal has been in the books for a long time. 

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This protest comes as a month-long war between Armenia and Azerbaijan intensifies. 

The Armenian-American community is asking the US government to intervene and sanction Turkey and Azerbaijan. They are also asking President Trump to stop funding war crimes with US tax dollars.