Pride flag burned at North Hollywood elementary school amid protest

A Pride flag belonging to a transgender teacher at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood was reportedly burned, according to the LA Times

This comes just weeks after outrage sparked following the announcement of a Pride event at the school in which during an assembly, teachers read students a book by Mary Hoffman titled "The Great Big Book of Families." The book talks about diversity and "all kinds of families."

Several parents were upset and threatened to protest. Parents who opposed the program launched an Instagram account, Saticoy Elementary Parents. A message posted on the Instagram page tells parents "who share conservative values" and "don’t feel this material is appropriate to teach to the children" to protest outside the school at the start of the school day on June 2.

Details about the flag being burned were not released by officials, however, the LA Times reported that someone broke into the school on the weekend of May 20- 21. 

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United Teachers Los Angeles called the actions "another brazen attempt perpetrated by the intolerant minority to divide our communities and demean educators."

They released a statement saying in part, "At a time of unprecedented threats against the LGBTQIA+ community and anti-trans legislation, this unwarranted response is a blatant attempt to create a hostile environment, not just for visibly transgender people, but for anyone who does not fit neatly into strict male or female gender presentations. Whether North Carolina or California, public schools should be considered safe havens for our students, communities, and the educators who serve them. No educator, regardless of whether or not they conform to gender stereotypes, should have to go to work and fear any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening disruptive behavior may occur against them."

UTLA is asking the LAUSD to take action and protect its employees from harassment and discrimination. 

LAUSD also released a statement saying, "Please be assured that Los Angeles Unified remains committed to providing a learning and working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying."