Polo Pony Rescue: Rehabilitating horses for new families

There are so many dogs and cats needing good homes but there are also ponies needing to be rescued. After lucrative careers in the Polo or racing circuit, many horses are abandoned or given up for auction after becoming too old, too slow, or too injured.

Saving them from slaughter, the Polo Pony Rescue works to rehabilitated these horses and find them new families.

Cathy Trope runs the organization and says "we have some who are suffering from cancer, or leg problems from being ridden too hard in the polo circuit, the medical attention is costly but we are committed to finding them a new career or life after what they've experienced."

She adds, "some we have saved were nearly starving to death or severely malnourished, this after being a lucrative prize winning race horse."

Families can adopt a horse, sponsor one and leave the horse in the rescue's care, or just make a donation, if not of money, of a person's time.

For more information go to www.poloponyrescue.org.

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