Person dies after running back into burning home in Eagle Rock

A person died after apparently going back into a burning home. 

Firefighters were sent to the 1400 block of West Hepner Avenue in Eagle Rock around 8 a.m. Friday after a home caught fire. 

According to the LA Fire Department, three people escaped but one person was found dead inside the home. 

People who live at the house say the landlord ran back into the house. 

"When I went after the landlord to get him out of the house, he just turned around like he was out in space or somewhere and went back in the house. By that time the house was full of smoke," said one of the men who live at the house. 

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire. Another roommate says he thinks the fire started due to a space heater that was left on overnight. 

Witnesses reported that no sounds come from a smoke alarm. 

"This serves as a sobering reminder to make sure that your living space -- wherever it is -- is equipped with functional smoke alarms to provide early notification of smoke/fire danger," said Nicholas Prange of the LAFD.