People reaching for their favorite vices to cope with coronavirus stress

Many people are reaching for their favorite vices during this stressful COVID-19 isolation as a form of escape.   

Online alcohol sales jumped almost 250% according to Nielsen. Marijuana companies are reporting a 50% increase.

The leading adult entertainment Website Pornhub is seeing a 12% uptick in global traffic. And comfort food like chocolate, popcorn and ice cream are flying off the shelves. 

During this global crisis, Greg Davis, like many, is trying to balance his company, family and other responsibilities. “I worry, and I take on all these burdens and last night I actually just broke down. All I could do is cry. And so, comfort is really an important thing,” Davis said. 

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If it’s a glass of wine or piece of chocolate health experts say give yourself a break. But it’s when that becomes overindulging, and some other vices people are reaching for, where it becomes a slippery slope. Dale’s Jr. Market Owner Brandon Hannoun says he’s especially seeing a spike in tequila and dark spirits like whiskey, bourbon, and rum. 

“We’re working around the clock to try to make sure everything is stocked all the time,” says Hannoun. “I know a lot of liquor stores are hustling really hard right now and driving all over LA to keep things stocked because I believe the chains are getting the majority of the orders.” Clinical Neuropsychologist and Host of The Doctors and SuperCharged Life podcast., FOX launches national hub for COVID-19 news and updates

Dr. Judy Ho says the surge is people seeking stimulation to cope with the stress of coronavirus. “If you’re just lounging around the house wearing your yoga pants all day long then, “oh well anytime is happy hour. Let’s do it at 10 am! So, have some structure."

She cautions overindulgence can lead to addiction, liver damage and obesity. “Professionals are doing telehealth, so you can still visit your favorite counselors and psychiatrists if you need support but don’t use this as an excuse to get back into old patterns that might actually veer you down the wrong path, not to mention that overindulgence in alcohol and drugs is going to cause even more pain like depression and anxiety,” Dr. Judy Ho said.

Dr. Judy encourages healthier ways to stimulate the brain like a board game or workout or watching a favorite show with a friend via Zoom or FaceTime.