Newport Beach hillside home demolished following recent storm

One of three Newport Beach hillside homes that were damaged when the soil beneath them gave away during recent storms, has been torn down. 

The house at 1930 Galaxy, one of the original ones built on the street, had been red-tagged. Its demolition was requested by the owners, who we are told, have lived here all their lives.

"I can’t imagine a lifetime of memories going down like this…" one neighbor said. 

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City officials say the two homes surrounding the house have been yellow-tagged out of an abundance of caution, the concern being that the landslide beneath the red-tagged house would spread. So far that hasn’t happened according to the city’s Public Information Officer John Pope.

With more rain coming, residents on Galaxy Aveneue are concerned. Keep in mind, that the house being torn down was built before recent hillside building codes that would make newer construction less likely to be as affected, and most of the houses on the street are newer. Still, with this much rain, there is a sense of concern.

"You just never know," said Cheryl Salene, who lives ten houses down from the one being demolished.