'New Girl' star Max Greenfield, wife Tess Sanchez adopt dog in shelter for 400 days

(Instagram: @wagsandwalks)

A puppy who's spent more than a year in a local shelter has a new forever home, and her new parents are a famous Hollywood couple.

Darlin' is a roughly 6-year-old pit bull mix who's spent about 400 days at Wags and Walks Rescue in Sawtelle — until today. The shelter announced the news of her adoption Sunday, to none other than "New Girl" star Max Greenfield and his wife Tess Sanchez. 

The shelter shared the news on Instagram with photos of the couple with their new pup. According to posts on each of the couple's Instagram page, the family has decided to name her Darlene. 

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  (Instagram: @wagsandwalks)

"Ohh we love her so much," Sanchez wrote. "She is a real lady."

Wags and Walks called Greenfield one of their "favorite rescue advocates." 

Greenfield has worked with Wags and Walks for a while, hosting the shelter's annual benefit gala in October 2022. 

The shelter said the couple called Darlene "a million dollar dog. We knew she was the one the first day we brought her home."