Music mogul's daughter criticizes Newsom for California policies: ‘Is the goal to be a socialist state?'

Sara Foster blasted Gov. Gavin Newsom on her podcast with sister Erin Foster. (Getty Images)

Sara Foster denounced California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday after admitting she was jealous of her sister's new home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sara and sister Erin, daughters of music icon David Foster, discussed growing resentment toward their home state and the political players at hand on their joint venture, "The World's First Podcast."

After addressing a purported California state bill Newsom was "trying to pass," Sara admitted that she blamed "everything on Newsom" and conveyed her disdain for the Democrat.

"Newsom is, like, the worst," Sara said, with Erin adding, "Yeah, I hate him."

"If anyone follows me, you know that I have a lot of complaints about the city we live in and the state we live in," Sara said.

She addressed online critics who said she should simply leave the state if she was unhappy living in Southern California.

"I'm born and raised here," she said. "It's not so easy to just get up and leave." Sara also said she was "a little jealous" of Erin being able to put roots down in a new state.

Erin clarified of her move to Nashville, "We would love to pay Nashville taxes. The government in California – very aware that people are trying to not pay California taxes. You have to prove that your doctor is in Nashville, that your therapist is in Nashville. You have to prove that your grocery bills are coming from Nashville. We would have to properly move to pay those taxes."

Sara is the middle daughter of David Foster's six children. (Joshua Blanchard)

The Fosters debated a supposed bill Newsom was wrangling before Sara said that Newsom was "actually the worst."

"We met him in the Bahamas once," Erin pointed out.

Sara continued, "I'm sure he's a perfectly nice person. I'm not talking about him as a friend. I'm sure if I sat across from him at a dinner table, I'd be like, ‘Love this guy.’"

The Foster sisters both said Gov. Gavin Newsom was "the worst." (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

"He is who is running our state. So, unfortunately, all that goes aside. I don't care who you know, who you're friends with, what mutual friends we have – I don't give a sh--. You are running the state and your policies are whack, therefore, I'm coming for you. If I see you out in the world, like, not that he even knows who I am or any of that, but you know … it's really f---ed up what's happening here."

"And I think that it's like, is the goal to be Venezuela? Is the goal to be a socialist state? I don't know."

Erin added, "Whatever the goal is, I am getting a place in Nashville."

In April, Sara disavowed "liberal politicians" as details emerged surrounding the death of Cash App founder Bob Lee.

The 43-year-old tech entrepreneur was fatally stabbed in the Rincon Hill area of San Francisco. Shortly after his death, Foster shared a screenshot of an article that featured photographs of Lee with his two children.

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"I have no words," she wrote. "SF is a complete s---hole. I am a registered democrat and feel confident saying liberal politicians are ruining cities. Disgusting. My heart breaks for this family."

It was later reported that Lee allegedly partook in an underground lifestyle of sex, party drugs and lavish spending that played a role in his death in San Francisco.

During a round of questions and answers with her Instagram followers days later, Sara was asked for her thoughts on her name-making headlines.

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She turned the Q&A into a grid post with the caption, "I've been told my personality is not for everyone."

The fashion designer said Newsom is likely a "perfectly nice person." (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Foster began her speech, "I take back actually nothing that I said at all. I stand by everything that I said. I'm a democrat – that's not changing."

Wearing a robe and laying in her bed, Foster continued, "I'm passionate about gun control and women's rights and education and LGBTQ rights and all those things. I am a democrat, but I am very upset with my party."

"I do believe that uber-left, liberal politicians are ruining big cities, and I think that we all need to come from a place of common sense and humanity," Foster said, "I am a mother – first and foremost – far before I am a democrat or an independent or a republican or a whatever, and I think we've all really lost the plot."

"I think it's a bummer and I think more republicans need to speak out on their party, and more democrats need to speak out on their party because it's all bad," she said. "It's bad all over the place."

Foster's representatives did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.

The fashion designer is the middle daughter of David Foster, a major record producer and composer known for working with Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé, to name a few.

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