Meth use ends in tragedy: Video shows OC woman jumping through bus window before death

In video obtained from the Orange County District Attorney's Office, it's an unnerving sight as a woman leaps through a public bus window to the ground below.

To the gasp of other riders, she crawls out of the window feet first, hangs there until the bus reaches a speed of 26 miles per hour, and then drops to her feet -- falling on her head.

According to investigators, she ran into the street, started jumping on cars and eventually died after being subdued by police.

The cause of death, according to their documents, was the "result of complications from acute methamphetamine intoxication."

We showed the video to Dr. Charles Sophy. The psychiatrist has seen a lot of things in his career, but this was different. He wasn't surprised since the woman was diagnosed with methamphetamine intoxication.

He says what happens in that state is that it "takes your brain and turns your chemicals upside down.

"(It shifts them in ways they shouldn't be and you start to hallucinate," Sohpy said.

Sophy says whether because of abuse of pills, smoking or injecting, the problem is growing just like the use of heroin.

"It's a very big problem and people don't understand how big it is. It's easier to get. It's more prevalent. You can get your hands on it. And it feels good. The problem is a little feels good today and then a little bit more tomorrow and then a lot more and before you know it, you're eating it and you're sleeping it, so it's consuming your whole life," he added.

Or in the case of the Orange County woman on the bus, Sophy says it was a "very tragic" death.

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