Meet the duo that's creating original music for the Dodgers

It’s a celebration of a team, a city and a fan base that’s perhaps more loyal than any other in sports.

“Boys in Blue’’ which you can watch and enjoy on YouTube, is a one minute rap music video created by musicians Cedric Williams, Anthony Rey Lopez, and  DJ Hazze.  

They’re all lifelong friends with day jobs, but making music is their passion, along with the Dodgers. 

The musicians told FOX 11’s Phil Shuman they made it for fun and if downloads sell down the road, all the better.   

“We’re Dodgers fans for life, it’s a great time to be in LA, we’re going to go all the way this year,” Cedric said. 

“It means a lot; I’ve been a Dodgers fan since I was a kid, my whole family are fans, I’ve been to Dodger Stadium a million times, I even played at Dodger Stadium when I was in high school,” Anthony added. 

 Truly a labor of love from them.  

Meantime a much different kind of Dodgers love in Monrovia, called “LA Lawn Art.” It started as a family prank, spray painting the Dodgers logo on a relative’s lawn but it turned out to be a hit… people loved it. 

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All of a sudden it turned into a business with a huge online following on Instagram @lalawnart. Young Zach and Josh Menlove are painting lawns with logos across SoCal and making money doing it as well as donating money earned to charities. In fact, dad and I talked as they were at the airport flying to Texas for Game 3 of the World Series.

Zach spent about $500 he made on a ticket. Their dad told us Josh is more of a saver and less of a sports fan, so he’s staying home. He’s proud of them of course, saying they can’t keep up with demand, but “I give them 100% of the credit”. They charge a minimum of $10 but most people are much more generous