Man on roof in standoff with police in Sun Valley


At about 8:13 p.m., the individual climbed down from the rooftop and officers took him into custody with a brief struggle.

The man was loaded onto a gurney and into a Los Angeles County Fire Department ambulance that will take the man to the hospital for medical attention.

No injuries were reported in this incident.

The immediate area is expected to re-open shortly.

A police standoff is currently underway between LAPD officers and a man on the roof of a 7-Eleven in the area of Sunland Boulevard and Nettleton Street in Sun Valley.

At one point, officers shot a Taser that connected with the individual but he bounced back and has refused to get off the roof.

The man has not tried to hurt himself or others as family members are reportedly trying to convince him to get down from the roof.

The immediate area is closed to traffic and authorities ask that the public avoid the area.

No further details were immediately known.