Man goes missing in Mexico after attending nightclub for medical school graduation

A Whittier family is desperate for information about their relative, 29-year-old Jessy Pacheco, who disappeared in Guadalajara, Mexico under mysterious circumstances.

The family says Pacheco was in Guadalajara for his medical school graduation and was going to practice medicine in Arkansas when he returned.

Pacheco was last seen at a post-graduation party on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Strana Guadalajara, a Mexican nightclub. A friend who he was with for the trip was later found shot to death near the nightclub, according to family members.

"The FBI said they could do something about it, so they are on the search for him," said cousin Aileen Chinchilla. "Mom, dad, uncles... everybody is looking for him out there."

It's now a widening search across the border and a nightmare for relatives who still don't know what happened.

"He was in a different country, so that's even worse. We don't know how their system works. They are looking for him, but we need more help," Chinchilla pleaded.

Anyone with information on Pacheco's whereabouts is asked to contact authorities.