Malibu Wine Safaris: Stanley the Giraffe is OK

Rumors about the safety of Malibu Wine Safari's Stanley the Giraffe sent his fans - including celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Lance Bass - into a frenzy as wildfires closed in on the area around the facility.

Thankfully, according to an Instagram post late Friday, Stanley was safe and being cared for by trainers and management at the of the winery attraction.

In the post on @a_giraffe_named_stanley on Instagram, the caption on a blurry, nighttime photo of the giraffe said, in part, the park lost "a considerable portion" of its barns and facilities and there were a few animals that were unaccounted for.

The post came after photos purported to show Stanley with smoke and flames of the fire rapidly approaching him from the hills in the background.

In a post on Stanley's Instagram Stories, park management said they have the situation "under control" and reports that Stanley was in any danger were incorrect.

Malibu Wine Safari CEO Dakota Semler tod FOX 11 LA's Sandra Endo Saturday, "It's been tough. We've been, there's been water shortages. Water has been turned off in the area. We don't have any utilities. So we've been running off of generators and backup water supplies."