Luke Perry talks about newfound fame from 90210 in 1992 interview with FOX 11

Years ago, at the height of his fame, FOX 11 had a chance to talk to Luke Perry. He and his 90210 co-stars spoke to FOX 11 about his newfound fame and how it had changed his life.

In the interview, from February 1992, Perry was adjusting to life in the public eye.

"I'm not too cool with the loss of privacy, it goes with what I do for a living. But you know I'm not stupid, I knew it was certainly a part of it -- I didn't realize how big," Perry said.

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Perry, who played Dylan McKay in 90210, said his character got more privacy than he did.

"Five, 10, 15 years from now I want to see myself in a place that is far away from here. Quiet, (in the) country and (where) there are no flashbulbs," he added.

However, despite the overwhelming fame, Perry said that 90210 was an actors dream come true.

"It has certainly put me in a position where finally, people consider me to do other things, ya know? And as an actor that's really all you look for," Perry told FOX 11. "The chance to keep working. The opportunity to get your work seen."

Perry passed away on Monday, March 4, 2019, after suffering a massive stroke. He was 52 years old.