Suspect in custody following wild chase in LA

A suspect is in custody after leading officers on a chase through parts of Los Angeles

SkyFOX was over the vehicle as it was parked in an apartment complex on 1819 S Oxford Avenue in the Harvard Heights area. 

The vehicle slowly backed out of the parking spot and headed towards the street, dodging two LAPD patrol vehicles. 

The suspect vehicle then continued driving on surface streets, narrowly missing other vehicles. 

At one point during the chase, the suspect was seen driving on the sidewalk, in front of a house. The vehicle then sideswiped a mail truck, causing its front tire to either dislodge or flatten. After a few seconds of standing still, the vehicle continued driving.

Heavy smoke could be seen coming from the tires.

Officers were eventually able to conduct a successful pit-maneuver which disabled the vehicle. With guns drawn, a suspect came out and surrendered to officers. While the suspect was surrendering, they tossed some items out of their hand and onto the floor; it is not clear what those items were. 

The suspect was taken into custody. 

It is unclear what the suspect was originally wanted for.