List of Democrats who do not plan on attending President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration

Forty-five, is the number of Democratic lawmakers who do not plan on attending Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony on Friday.

The list of democratic lawmakers continues to grow. This is the latest update of lawmakers who have publicly announced their absence from inauguration:


Rep. Raul Grijalva


"Mr. Lieu's statement on why he won't be attending the Inauguration of @realDonaldTrump READ HERE..."

"Inauguration should be a celebration. But we have nothing to celebrate on Jan 20. Instead of attending, I will be organizing..."

'It is with a heavy heart and deep personal conviction that I have decided not to attend the #TrumpInauguration on January 20, 2017."

"After much thought, I have decided to #StandWithJohnLewis and not attend the inauguration."



Said he will not attend Trump's inauguration and doesn't feel Trump is legitimate because of Russian hacking. Read more on the story that sparked internet outrage between Rep. Lewis and President-elect Trump.


Told FOX 5 in an interview, he will not be attending. Here is the several reasons why...



'At MLK Day dinner in Portland, I announced that I would not attend Trump's inauguration. Here's why...#mepolitics"


"Skipping Inauguration.@RepJohnLewis a civil rights hero. Enormous responsibility to be POTUS.I respect the office, can't tolerate disrespect."


"My statement on the upcoming inauguration:I respect the Office of President and support the peaceful transer of power. Click here for full statement..."


"Agree with VP Biden that it's time for Trump to grow up. Being POTUS is a serious matter - not child's play. I stand w/ @repjohnlewis (3/3)"


"I will not celebrate a man who preaches a politics of division and hate. I won't be attending Donald Trump's inauguration."




".@repjohnlewis is a national hero and I stand with him! I also am not attending inauguration given the tone of @realDonaldTrump's campaign."

"I will not attend the #inauguration2017 next week- cannot celebrate the inauguration of a man who has no regard for my constituents. #Bronx"

"The rhetoric + actions of @realDonaldTrump have been so far beyond the pale, I cannot in good conscience participate in this inauguration."

"I will NOT be attending the inauguration for @realDonaldTrump!"

"I will NOT attend the inauguration of @realDonaldTrump. When you insult @repjohnlewis, you insult America."


"I do not intend to attend the inauguration of PE @realDonaldTrump. Instead, join me for an Interfaith Prayer Vigil."


'As I told @JoyAnnReid, I will not be attending #Inauguration. I will be at home in Cleveland. #IStandWithJohnLewis"



"I #StandWithJohnLewis. I will not be attending the inauguration. Russian hacking must be investigated and I do not support the repeal of ACA"


"Announced @ Mason Temple, #MLK final speech, that I won't attend #inauguration out of respect for @repjohnlewis & for unpresidential remarks"


"Congressman Al Green's Statement on the 2017 Presidential Inauguration: Read his statement..."


"I just told hundreds of my constituents that I will not be attending the Inauguration Ceremony this coming Friday. Here is what he said..."


'I will not be attending Trump's inauguration. I will be with the people of my district. #OurFirstStand"


"After reading classified Russian hacking doc & @realDonaldTrump offensive tweets to @repjohnlewis I will not be attending the Inauguration."

As the list continues to grow, be sure to stay with FOX 5 on the latest updates.