'Like a war zone': Suspect inside police cruiser engages in shootout with Ontario officers

Video shows a wild west type of shootout occur between Ontario Police and a suspect who managed to get hold of a gun while inside a police cruiser. 

Officers responded to the 500 block West Holt Boulevard around 3:12 p.m. Friday for reports of a car in the middle of the road.

Officers located 42-year-old Christopher Urena acting erratically near the vehicle. According to the police department, Urena had an arrest warrant for domestic violence; they took him into custody and seated him in the backseat of a patrol vehicle. 

While in the backseat, Urena retrieved a firearm he had concealed and shot at officers. They then returned fire on him as Urena barricaded inside the vehicle for several hours, the police department said in a statement. Urena suffered a single gunshot wound; it has not yet been determined if it was self-inflicted or from a police officer. 

Christopher Urena

"They had a suspect in the car, handcuffed in the back, for some reason he got a hold of a gun, he's shooting at them, they ran away from the car, the car stated to roll," said Wail Khalaf who shared the video with FOX 11. 

Khalaf is the owner of American Stereo Master; he was inside his store when the shooting occurred, that's when he started filming. 

"I dropped to the floor when I heard rapid fire. It was like a war zone." 

His store of 32-years was badly damaged as the impact of the shooting broke several windows. 

No officers were injured in the shooting and Urena eventually surrendered and was taken into custody.