LA's Natural History Museum wants help naming its new dinosaur

A rendering of the "green" dinosaur skeleton at the upcoming NHM Commons at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (Source: Natural History Museums of LA County)

A massive and uniquely green dinosaur skeleton is coming to Los Angeles' Natural History Museum later this year, and the museum is letting you help name it.

The skeleton is set to be one of the main attractions in the museum's new wing, the NHM Commons, which is scheduled to open in the Fall. But, before they can put it on display, they want the public's help naming it. 

The 75-foot-long skeleton is a composite of multiple dinosaurs buried in a riverbed over 150 million years ago, according to the museum. It was first discovered in Utah in 2007, and is a new species of sauropod, or long-necked dinosaur (think Brontosaurus and Brachiosaurus). 

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But, even more interesting, is that this skeleton's bones are green, thanks to deposits of the mineral celadonite, which was present in the quarry when the bones were found.

The museum has created an online form for people to pick out one of five names. 

Here are the potential names:

  1. Gnatalie — This name is apparently a nod to the area where the bones were found, which was full of gnats
  2. Olive — According to the museum, the olive tree symbolizes peace, joy and strength in many cultures
  3. Sage — A green plant native to LA, which the NHM grows in its Nature Gardens
  4. Verdi — The Latin word for "green"
  5. Esme — Short for Esmerelda, Spanish for "Emerald"

Voting is open until June 20. The voting form can be found by tapping or clicking here.