LAPD sergeant arrested after DUI hit-and-run accident

Exclusive video obtained by FOX 11 shows the LAPD sergeant accused of DUI and a hit-and-run pull his black sedan into the only handicap parking spot at a gas station on Alamitos Avenue in Long Beach Tuesday night.

The security camera video shows the sergeant in his personal vehicle, a black Audi sedan, sitting for several minutes before exiting to survey the damage. The front passenger side tire was blown, and the rim was busted.

The sergeant, identified as 46-year-old Oscar Ontiveros, works for the LAPD's Southeast Division but was off-duty at the time.

A witness whose truck was hit provided pictures of two vehicles they say the sergeant slammed into on Ocean Blvd. before taking off. The witness said he came out after hearing his truck was hit and saw Ontiveros stopped near Falcoln Ave. He said he and others tried to talk to the driver, who appeared drunk and sluggish but took off from the scene.

In the security footage, you see the officer sit inside his vehicle for some time, getting out and walking off briefly before reappearing. Nearly 20 minutes pass before the first Long Beach police officer arrived.

The first officer approaches the driver's side while another spots the passenger side damage and the flat tire. Several minutes later, back up arrives and police remove the sergeant from his sedan.

Ontiveros raises his hands as officers search his pockets. The LAPD would not confirm whether he was armed, but this video appears to show another officer remove Ontiveros' firearm and open the action before taking it away.

Nearly a half hour later, Ontiveros is handcuffed, put into the back of a squad car, and taken away. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and causing a hit-and-run crash.

Ontiveros was released on his own recognizance Tuesday night. The LAPD says he's on desk duty while a personnel investigation is underway.