LAPD moves closer to firing commander seen in public intoxication arrest video

The LAPD moves one step closer to firing a department commander arrested for public intoxication in April after FOX 11 obtained exclusive video of that commanders arrest.

Tonight an internal LAPD panel recommended that Commander Nicole Mehringer be terminated, but her attorney says his client is a victim of sexism and double standards. And that LAPD has covered up far worse from her male colleagues.

Its been 8 months since FOX 11 obtained exclusive video of LAPD Commander Nicole Mehringers' public intoxication arrest in Glendale. She is carried by the Glendale Police Department after she was found asleep in an unmarked car while off-duty allegedly drunk.

LAPD Sergeant James Kelly was also allegedly asleep in the car and was arrested for a DUI. A charge he later pleaded not guilty to.

Fast forward to downtown LA Tuesday night where behind closed doors the LAPD Board of Rights recommended that commander Mehringer be terminated for that arrest. A decision her attorney is appalled by.

Attorney Brad Gage believes his client is a victim of sexism and double standards.

As part of the disciplinary hearing process Gage filed two documents with LAPD on Megringers' behalf known as pitchess motions. FOX 11 has obtained portions of those documents they contain potentially explosive allegations that a number of high ranking male LAPD officials have been involved in wrong doing that was later covered up by the department and never made public.

Gage says Mehringer has had a twenty-two year career of public service with 106 commendations and has been a top employee who just made a mistake.