LA County deputies save 2 teens after suspected fentanyl exposure

Dramatic body camera video shows the moments Los Angeles County deputies rescued two teenagers possibly exposed to fentanyl.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responded to a call from a home in Duarte Thursday night. Upon arrival, deputies found two 17-year-olds lying on the floor and not breathing.

LASD's deputies inside the home started administering three doses of naloxone, also known as NarCan, to both teens while administering CPR.

Within minutes, LASD's rescue efforts allowed the teens to breathe again. Deputies at the scene also noticed the two teens got their pulses back.

Both teens were taken to the hospital and are eventually released back to their families.

"If not for the swift, decisive action of these deputies, both young men would have become lives claimed by the opioid pandemic," said LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.